we follow the idea to adopt tradition for innovation


we conceive Ideas and turn them into pure design


we take raw materials to forge the best racing components


We have never thought our new branded chassis as simple racing products. We saw it as a valuable integration for the ability of the racers.

We designed it as we desired. It will be a symbol for the new kart republic of future racers.

Technology is a keyword

and gives us the access to the future

Kart Republic was born from a long process of technological implementation. One of our first priorities is to be able to ensure the highest innovation and modernity, for drivers safety and performances. The process leading to the creation of a Kart Republic chassis is divided into several stages; the study of proper scientific applications, the best most innovative software for technical and mechanical design, the quality control, the test on track and racing, all to ensure winning performance. This promise is maintained thanks to the skill of our engineers and thanks to the advanced equipment at their disposal.

Our evolution does not follow the market, but it is part of it, our target is to become a reference point for all the drivers.

Design is a revolutionary movement

that brings us to the future

KR-2017 is a revolution, an experience that shapes the steel into a complex and hi-tech idea. We don’t create simple molds, with which we fill warehouses. Our aim is to draw on paper breathtaking lines, able to make the kart alive into the deepest of its structure.

We choose to design quality products, for the same reason why we use only quality materials: the freedom to take risks, our freedom to race, the freedom to choose, always, because we love, and always love to race.

Our design has a great wisdom, dictated by the study of the physical and mechanical dynamics, a deep use of modern technologies, and craft manship, where every piece is a work of art. For this reason, Kart Republic is not only a product, but the soul that creates a unique chassis.

Manufacturing is an ability

which ensures that we can achieve perfection

Our main characteristic is to know the abilities and skills necessary to select and mold the materials, in the interest and respect of those who make Kart an incomparable passion. Kart Republic is an idea that conveys a sense of belonging, a constant that is perpetuated thanks to the tenacity and hard work of those who possess not only a decade of experience on the competitions, but also a peculiar and perfectionist mentality.

Kart Republic is a concept, an institution, a brand that perfectly combines incredible artisan skills and advanced manufacturing technologies. Karting is not just a sport, but a living world in which burning passion, heroism and perseverance dominate just like those who build the souls of our karts.



I still remember that morning at 7:30 am where we talked for the first time about this wonderful adventure. I remember the happy faces of everyone around me. We had very little doubts about this exciting new venture of what we were about to embark.

Today, after so many days, I cannot but help think back about all of the people and their commitment, to the thousands of miles we traveled in and out of the track, to the worn out shoes trying to chase solutions, the mistakes and the innovative strategies we came up with. We changed, overturned, redesigned everything we had available. We assembled and reassembled the same components hundreds of times until we found the perfect balance of forces to dominate the power and the speed. We kept our champions under pressure, we asked them to give their best by reminding them that there is no end to their skills and that together with their energy and our equipment they would be unstoppable.

Today, the day after, we can say that we’ve always had the right vision and we made sure we showed it at the most important race of our lives (CIK-FIA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP).

It wasn’t only our extraordinary drivers, or the outstanding tires, or the magnificent engines, and we can also admit that it wasn’t just the incomparable chassis that made us win: we won as Kart Republic, as a collective group and as a family.

Lorenzo, Victor, Dino, Nico and the Paddock guys, everyone gave their all, and today, which is the day after the party, we can say that we are here and that we are never going to give up, whatever the next challenge is, the next difficulty or the next obstacle may be. 

We are here, ready to better ourselves and ready for the next challenge.

We are Republic, We are One.